Jack Dante: The Other Soul

Our favorite photographer and all around beautiful human being, Jack Dante  simply amazed me with his new shoot. The photographs are posted on www.theothersoul.com. If there was ever a photographer of this century that all could marvel at, it would be Jack.  Jack lives in Paris and has extensively traveled around the world shooting in exotic memorable locations. He has an affinity for people in general and interesting things that capture his eyes.  www.theothersoul.com features great picture stories and links to outstanding artists, musicians, writers and creative spirits. My other favorite local photographers are Hot Rod, King Yella at Kingyella.com, and Arthur at Artxpressions.com. Photograph Credits for picture: Location: Limbe. Dresses : Radha London :Jessica Robinson Model: Shauntavia & Melinda Photographer: Jack Dante

:www.jackdante.com   http://www.theothersoul.com/posts/23


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